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What makes a great Retriever Trainer?

When you begin your search for a retriever trainer, someone that is going to train your duck dog, or someone that is going to train your dog for hunt tests or field trials, you should think about multiple things.

Do they have Experience?

So many time we turn around and see the new guy on the block that just popped up over night it seems, no one really knows who they are.

Some questions you should ask a prospective trainer should be: How long have you been training? Do you run hunt tests or field trials? Do you only train duck dogs? How long have you been in business? Do you have training grounds? Do you go any where to train for the winter or summer? Do you have any employees? Do you train full time?

Many times those KEY questions are never asked and you end up with someone that doesn't know much and takes your money and your dog never gets the proper training.

HERE at Extreme Retriever Kennels we have been in business training FULL TIME from day one. Vincent never had a side job, he believed that to being ALL IN was the best way to grow his business but also to get each dog the amount of training they needed. Although we were the new guys on the block we trained multiple retrievers for ourselves and friends before starting our business years later. Now that was 10 years ago. We believe that experience and being able to read a dog and almost know what they are going to do before they do it is something cant be taught. It is learned over TIME. We can always get better and learn that's the sweetness of a career in training retrievers. We do run hunt tests and also field trials. But we train a ton of duck dogs that are hunted heavily during waterfowl season. Grounds, yeah we have access to some of the best training properties in the country. Multiple farms with very nice technical water. Now that we are based in Georgia we only go North for a few months out of the summer when its to hot. We also have multiple employees that help with kennel tasks as well as throwing birds. Our TEAM is second to none, they are why we are so successful. Without bird throwing and great grounds its basically impossible to build great dogs.

Those are a few Reasons why WE ARE GREAT RETRIEVER TRAINERS!!! Give us a call TODAY for more information. 615-239-9178

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