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Retriever Field Trial Training

Field Trial training for any sporting breed of dog is diffidently tough and challenging, but retriever field trial training could be the very most challenging thing that anyone can do. WE believe that to be successful in retriever field trials that it starts with amazing genetics. A well bred puppy can be the start and maybe the answer of getting in the color (Field Trial Placements), hopefully the Blue (1st Place) later on in their career. Do some research on pedigrees and talk to field trial Pros for insight on retrievers they like and prefer to train. Field Trial Titled parents are a good start when looking to buy a puppy. A Puppy that comes from 2 field trial titled parents and parents that have field trial titled ancestors is a sure sign of what your pup could do later on in it's career. What these titles prove is that those dogs were talented enough, smart, exceptional marking dogs, as well as amazing memory and were trainable. These traits (genetics) will hopefully be passed down to their offspring. We usually have field trial prospects for sale with excellent pedigrees. If you are looking for a Young Dog Field Trial Trainer then you have landed on the right page. We pride ourselves on teaching a dog what they need to compete in Field Trials, we DON'T just burn a dog up with the collar.

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