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What is Collar Conditioning?

If you're like most people that have a duck dog or retriever you have probably heard about Collar Conditioning. But what is Collar Conditioning? Well Collar Conditioning is the reinforcement of a command the dog already knows, like "Sit" or "Stay". Collar Conditioning is not used to punish the dog but only to teach. Once you reinforce the commands the dog already knows then you can use the collar to correct that action. The dog learns that IT is in control of the collar, the faster they respond the less pressure the dog has to feel.

As a handler you always, always need control of your retrievers and the e-collar helps you do that. When you have a 50ft check cord thats how far out you are in control, just 50 ft. But if you have a 2 mile range on your e-collar then you have control out to 2 miles. This is key to correcting your retriever at great distances. The very first brand e-collar I bought was Sport Dog and I still use Sport Dog Brand to this day. With these tools you can reinforce your commands and make your dog an Extreme Retriever!

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