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What Brand E-Collar Do I Recommend?

With all the great products out there for training it is hard to choose the best brand. I perfer SportDog Brand e-collars because thats what I started with 6 years ago and I've stayed true to that brand. The first e-collar I purchased was the SportDog Wetland Hunter 425. The camo pattern offered a great look and it hid well while hunting. But the Range of just up to 500 yards, it was an entry level e-collar, prefect for a waterfowl hunter. But as the dogs training levels increased so did their range. I then got a Wetland Hunter 1825 with a range of up to 1 mile. With that kind of distance who needs anything more. Well they do get better and I currently use the ProHunter 2525 with a 2 mile range, but the real reason I upgraded to the SportDog ProHunter 2525 was because of the Compatible with the Remote Launcher System for wingers. Now if you don't train Professionally or have winger zingers the you probably don't need this e-collar. Another thing I would like to remind you of is of the type of hunting you will be doing. SportDog offers alot more than what I have mentioned for other types of hunting situations such as those who run many dogs at the same time while rabbit or coon hunting. They also have built in GPS on the collars and even tracking screens on the controller to see where your dogs are. But as a Professional Retriever Trainer that's more than I need and for now I'll stick with the ProHunter 2525. Go check out all the SportDog products at the bottom of this page just click on their link and you'll go straight to the SportDog Home Page.


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