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What's the best dog food for your Working Retriever?

At Extreme Retriever Kennels we Specailize in retriever training and preparing our dogs for hunt tests. In order to do that the number one KEY to our success in feeding the right nutrition, and that starts with Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance. This helps our client dogs maintain endurence while retrieving marks at distances sometime out to 400 yards plus. And when they are running water blinds across big water and swimming back through to us with a retrieve to hand. It's a fact that more professional retriever trainers choose Purina Pro Plan for their dogs preformance than any other. We choose the best food for our dogs, because we expect them to be the best and Purina Pro Plan gets them to that level. If your looking for a dog food that will have your dog performing like an Extreme Retriever then choose Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance you wont be disappointed!


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