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Retriever Training Programs

Extreme Retriever Kennels has a few different retreiever training programs to choose from:

Gundog Puppy Program; Retriever Obedience Program; Retriever Gun Dog Program; Extreme Retriever Program; Extreme Field Trial Program. Each of these programs differs in length and difficulty and some have age requirements. View programs below to decide which program is best for your needs.



Here are all the forms you will need to print and fill out. You may bring these forms with you or scan and email them to us at

Gun Dog Puppy Program

The Gun Dog Puppy Program can start as early as 8 weeks of age and run out until your pup is 5 months of age which then at 5 months it would transition to the Retriever Obedience Program. We can take your puppy and train it into a fantistic retriever. To accomplish that goal we expose your puppy to many outside influences, this is called Socializion. Socializion includes introducing the puppy to other dogs, taking the puppy as many places as possiable, letting the puppy watch the older dogs in training, and taking the puppy across country to the hunt test scene. We also do intro to water, intro to feathers, intro to gun shots, starting to learn its obedience commands, and anything else you can imagin. This program offers exposures to enviroments the puppy wouldn't get to see at home. Remember the cut off age is 4 months of age and not a day older. This program is the foundation to your hunting or competition retriever. N/A
Retriever Puppy Training, Retriever Training
Retriever Puppy Training, Retriever Training
Sally (FC Ford x Belle QA2) moving right

Retriever Obedience Program

Retriever Obedience
Retriever Obedience Training
The Retriever Obedience Program is the start of all the programs we offer. Obedience is the foundation that we build on with every dog. The commands taught are Sit, Heel, Place, and Kennel. Each dog knows the same commands. After the commands are learned, we then reinforce those commands in collar conditioning. Weather the dog is on leash or off, it has to learn to obey these commands and this program teaches just that. The duration is usually 2 months long. Most Breeds Accepted. This program does include one on one training sessions with one of our professional trainers that will help you learn the commands, show you obedience drills, and coach you through properly using and e-collar. 
Cost: N/A

Retriever Gun Dog Program

This 4 month program starts with the 4-6 week retriever obedience program. The program needs to start with a 5-7 month old dog. Extreme Retriever Kennels recommend 5 months, because this gives your pup an advantage of 4 weeks to learn the obedience commands, and then at 6-7 months we can Force Fetch the dog once their permeant canine teeth comes in. That's key to the Force Fetch process. The dogs are taught the Hold command and to deliver to hand. At the end of this 4 month program, your dog should be able to go waterfowl hunting with you. This program is also customized for each clients needs.  For example, if the client hunts from a boat or blind, or even both. With all programs we encourage our clients to stay involved in the training process prior to picking up their gun dog. This program is $1050/month includes Dog food & Live Birds
Retriever Force Fetch
Retriever Training
Gun Dog Training
Handling Dog
Single T and Double T Drills

What you can expect from an Extreme Retriever Training Program. Blinds, Flying Dogs, and   Hunt Test Passes!

Retriever Water Mark
Hunt Test Training
Extreme Retriever Program
The 8 month and beyond Extreme Retriever Program can produce everything you see from a senior and seasoned hunter dog and beyond to a Master and Finished Retriever. It includes the 4 month retriever Gun Dog Program and builds off it. Usually after 4 months some sooner the dogs start Transition. Transition is after all the basics have been taught like obedience, Force Fetch, teaching their casting  This program also includes basics needed to complete blind retrieves. (Blinds are downed birds the dog did not see shot where as Marks are birds the dog did see shot down)  These Transition Stages also include, but are not limited to, wagon wheel drills, swim-by drill, steadiness and honoring, Lining Drills, 3 and 5 legged Pattern Blinds, Bird Boy Blinds, Diversions to Blinds, Poison Birds, Retired Guns- That's Early Transition... Cheating Singles, Primary Marking Concepts, Cast Out Sea Drill, That's Mid Transition.... Advanced Mark and Blind use in cold set ups.... That's Late Transition. Each drill learned in preparation of land and water blinds of all lengths. Upon completion of the Extreme Retriever Program your dog will be able to pick up multiple marks on land and water, plus blinds in either geography. Remember Every dog is different just like a child is different from other children. Each have different learning rates. Some Learn faster than others and its not to be rushed through until that dog understands each drill and lesson. That's what makes a finished dog Finished and able to pass tests at the higher levels and Achieve your Goals in the field!


For those clients that love the aspect of competition, then you will be interested in AKC hunt tests. Extreme Retriever Kennels competes at all levels in AKC hunt Tests and The Master Nationals for those dogs that advance on. In Hunt Test events dogs compete against a standard test for a pass or fail result. We charge a $50 Handlers Fee/Junior Test and $80 handlers fee/ Senior Test plus entry fee and $150 handlers Fee/Master test plus entry fee. Every Pass receives a ribbon, which the client will get and also if the dog gets a title pass ribbon, they receive that as well, plus it goes on your dogs pedigree. *Please Note that dogs entering AKC Master National will have a different handlers fee due to the length and Test Location.


The Extreme Retriever Program cost $1050 per month* includes live birds.

(*) Every Program Includes Purina Pro Plan Performance Dog Food.

Extreme Field Trial Program

Our Extreme Field Trial Program is for the client that wants to end up competing their dog in AKC Retriever Field Trials for places. The Derby Stake is where we could begin which is a marking competition. Then we will work toward Qualified All Age Stakes which consists of marking and blind retrieves. Once the dogs are Qualified we move toward running them in Open Field Trial Stakes.

*Note This program is not for every dog. Most dogs that we train for this program are dogs that have field trial pedigrees.

The program length is varies from 5 months old to 8, 9, 10 years old. Derby Dogs are trained 6 months to 2 years old. Derby dogs age out at 2 years of age and then move to Qualifying Stakes. It is for someone wanting a finished level dog. One that will pick up multiple marks and be able to run blinds but overall the program is for the Competitor, someone looking to trial their dog or dogs in 15 trials or more per year. So keep in mind the extra cost that it will cost to run these trials.

The Program Includes Purina Pro Plan Dog Food.

This Program is $950/ Month.
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