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Welcome to Extreme Retriever Kennels LLC
Extreme Retriever Kennels LLC specializes in Retriever Training for AKC Retriever Field Trial Training. Our Retriever Training programs have proven to produce some of the best hunting companions and duck dogs in the country. We offer second to none facilities and some of the most excellent training grounds that anyone can be blessed with. Our retriever training programs are based on client expectations and individual dog's benefits and drawbacks. We take pride with providing our clients with a product that they can be proud to call their duck dogs. Extreme Retriever Kennels is located in Lincolnton, GA summer training grounds in the north. We serve clients from Mississippi, Arkansas, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee but all clients across the country are welcome. We look forward to meeting You, Your Family, and your Retriever as it embarks on a journey to become an Extreme Retriever!



Qualifying Secound Place New QAA Title


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