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Extreme Retriever Farm 5 acres training ground. Most of our young dog work is done right on site at our personal farm. Our Obedience, Force Fetch, and Basics takes place here along with introduction to gun shots, marking, water intro, and swim by just to name a few.
During the Winter and Spring we go south to train in Lincolnton, GA.
In the Summer we go North to train in cooler weather in Jefferson, OH
But in the Fall we train in Nashville, TN.

Poole Knobs Field Trial Grounds

Poole Knobs is world Famous for its Field Trial Grounds just a short drive for us. We have year round access to these training grounds. Percy Priest Lake also backs up to Poole Knobs Field Trial Grounds. With Multiple Ponds and Fields this has been our GO TO Training area at least 3 days a week. Ponds and Flooded areas have islands, running water for the dogs, points, levees, horseshoe shaped flooded areas, and more! This is where we get our Finished Retrievers Tuned and ready for everything they will see in the field at home with our clients. And while competing in Hunt Tests and Boykin Spaniel Field Trials and preparing for Qualifying Stakes and the Super Retriever Series!
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