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Derby & Qualifying Field Trial Training

Our Extreme Field Trial Program is for the client that wants to end up competing their dog in AKC Retriever Field Trials for places. The Derby Stake is where we could begin which is a marking competition. Then we will work toward Qualified All Age Stakes which consists of marking and blind retrieves. Once the dogs are Qualified we move toward running them in Open Field Trial Stakes.

*Note This program is not for every dog. Most dogs that we train for this program are dogs that have field trial pedigrees.

The program length is varies from 5 months old to 8, 9, 10 years old. Derby Dogs are trained 6 months to 2 years old. Derby dogs age out at 2 years of age and then move to Qualifying Stakes. It is for someone wanting a finished level dog. One that will pick up multiple marks and be able to run blinds but overall the program is for the Competitor, someone looking to trial their dog or dogs in 15 trials or more per year. So keep in mind the extra cost that it will cost to run these trials.
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The Program Includes Purina Pro Plan Dog Food and Live Flyers.

This Program is $1050/ Month.
One of the Most frequently asked questions we receive is:
Why does field trial training cost so much???
The biggest reason is because it takes a tremendous number of STAFF to be able to develop these retrievers into Derby and Qualifying Competitors.
Throwing Double and Triple Marks, Teaching Retired Marks, and having live flyer shooters takes Gunners and Bird Techs (Throwers). That labor has to be covered. The other thing Staff gives us is TIME. We can throw more marks in a shorter amount of time that gives us time to work on blinds. 
The Access to Top Notch Field Trial Grounds. We have the Privilege to be able to train on some of the best grounds in the country. This in-turn gives us the opportunity to build top quality, elite canine athletes.
Come Join us to be part of Our Team and you will see the Results!
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