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Field Trial Puppies/Retrievers For Sale

Competition Field Trial Puppies and Retrievers For Sale.

Each one of the retrievers below are for sale with training contracts ONLY to be run in Derby and Qualifying Field Trial Stakes. From the time the retriever is 6 months old until QAA. Cost is $900/ month plus birds and entry and handlers fees. We search the country for the best bred field trial puppies, raise them in hopes to build them into amazing canine athletes one day for our future clients. If you have your eyes on WINNING you have landed on the right site. We are continuing to put together a team of top bred retrievers and clients that want to learn how to handle their retrievers. Our Goal is to become the best in the business competing in Derby and Qualifying Field Trials. Then hopefully progress them into All Age OPEN Retrievers. If you see a retriever below you are interested in let us know. Call Us if you have any questions or would like to purchase one of these amazing pups from the top breedings around the country. We did our homework on these breedings so you wouldn't have to! 

What is included in the price?

The cost of the puppy and shipment. All shots, all medicine for fleas/ticks plus heart worm preventative, AKC registration, and Micro-chipping. And Professional Puppy training to get the retriever headed in the right direction for future retriever training. Also 1 on 1 coaching to develop You the new owner into a better handler. You will be able to train with us, ask questions, and have support as you improve. If you want to move into All Age Field Trials this is an excellent place to start. Get your line time before moving up to tougher tests in the Amateur and Open Stakes.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the field trial prospect puppies. 

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FC Ford (158 FT Champion pts) x Belle QA2
Extreme's Ford Mustage Sally
Call Name: Sally (BLF)
Whelp Date: 11/17/19
Price: SOLD
AFC Luke NDC QA2 (98 Derby pts) x Gracee QAA
Extreme's Windows 2 the Wall
Call Name: Skeet (BLF)
Whelp Date: 9/13/19
Price: Call for Price 

Qualifying JAM
FC AFC Choco QA2 (12 Derby pts) x Java MH
Shooting Creek's Shucking Corn
Call Name: Bourbon (CLM)
Whelp Date: 5/22/16
Price:  Call for Price
Derby JAM & Qualifying 4th, RJs, & JAMs
FC AFC CFC CAFC Chase (24 Derby pts) x
Jenga QAA (9 Derby pts) 
Extreme's Jazztime in the Mood to Swing
Call Name: Sax (BLF)
Whelp Date: 11/5/19
Price: SOLD   
Bourbon gets Derby JAM! He is out of Jas
FC AFC T-Bone (8 Derby pts) (47 FT pts) x
Pink MH QAA (1 Derby pts) 
Extreme's Pink Filet Mignon
Call Name: Brisket (YLF)
Whelp Date: 11/21/19
Price: $14,000      
FC Ford (158 FT pts) x Rose MH QAA
Extreme's Sweeties Lowrider
Call Name: Caprice (BLF)
Whelp Date: 11/06/19
Price: $15,000

Qualifying JAM     
Bourbon killed em yesterday! Good luck t

FC Sky (20 Derby pts & 16 FT pts) x Zee QA2
Extreme's She's Got Electric Boots
Call Name: Bennie (BLF)
Whelp Date: 11/1/19
Price: SOLD

If you are interested in purchasing one of the field trial prospect puppies. 

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More Coming Soon!

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